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Conservative Dream-Girl makes Cover of Time!

Drudge breaks the story!
WMD on the story!

Conservative Dream Girl, Ann Coulter, a fiery and aggressive master of sarcasm and punditry will make the cover of Time Magazine and will be the subject of a 6000 word story that isn't an hit/attack piece!

For those not familiar with the style of Ann Coulter, you do not know what you are missing. Her books, speeches and television appearances are like ticking time bombs packed with humor, honesty, truth and (best of all) a heaping helping of wit and sarcasm capable of reducing even the most polished liberal to quivering puddles of protoplasm.

Here's to you Ann. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the laughs at the expense of liberals everywhere!

UPDATE! Now you can read the full story here!

Having read the story now, I have to say that it does a fairly good job and is definately not a hit piece. There is a LOT of info in this story (some of it I did not know) about Ann Coulter and what it is that she does. Go out and buy the current issue of Time or follow the link above to read the story!