What's the Big Freakin' Deal with GoDaddy.com

This Bud ad was nixed before the show even aired... Why? It's funny. But a little ad by Godaddy.com made it past the pre-game censors and made it to air.

I gotta ask... What's the big deal about this ad?

The Godaddy.com ad that features the very healthy and very curvaceous Nikki Cappelli (a.k.a Candice Michelle) having some wardrobe malfunctions as she testifies in a "broadcast censorship hearing" (in Salem Mass. of all places) is drawing fire from the media and the religious right.

In a move that will further cement the broadcast media and the NFL as hypocrites, Fox and the NFL decided to pull the Godaddy spot because it was too racey, too titillating, too controversial, too sexy, too crude, and not family friendly enough.
MSNBC "When the GoDaddy.com spot aired in the first half, it became obvious to us that its content was very much out of step with the tenor set by the other ads and programming broadcast by FOX on Super Bowl Sunday, so FOX made the decision to drop its repeat airing,” Fox advertising President Jon Nesvig said in a statement. “We understand GoDaddy's disappointment with our decision, but ultimately we are responsible for what our network broadcasts."
This coming from the Television Network that airs family friendly shows like "Trading Spouses." This from the Sports League that has more skin readily viewable on the sidelines when it comes to the cheerleaders, more salacious activities perpetrated by the players on the field, accepts the Coors Twins into almost every game broadcast over the air waves, and employs criminals.

In the rush to separate themselves from the intentional and unacceptable behavior exhibited at last years' Super Bowl half time show, the NFL went out of it's way this year to present a boring and uninspiring half time show, which I am sure that the people behind the Lingerie Bowl appreciated very much.

But now people are out there, attacking this ad like it was really something awful. It was poking fun at the "horrific events" of the last Super Bowl and the over-reaction of the Government, the religious right and the media to an event that is such a NON-EVENT.

Janet was more covered up than the cast of Desperate Housewives during an average show and it lasted less than a second. If not for the five-hundred-trillion times it was replayed, slowed down, looped, and enhanced, NO ONE would have even really given a damn. But what we got was weeks of TV talk shows debating the heated issue of Janet Jackson's anatomy.

This year, they would have done anything and everything they could to make it seem that the NFL had turned over a new leaf. Never mind the Nicollette Sheridan/Terrel Owens skit on Monday night football. Never mind the employment of admitted drug users/dealers. They are a family friendly show, damnit!

Oh my gawd! The strap on her top broke off! Oh my god! She did a little spin! The horror! Come on people. What was SO bad about this commercial? How does it possibly corrupt the young children watching the Super Bowl more than knowing that people like Randy Moss can get away with running over Meter Maids and people like Jamal Lewis can get off with a slap on the wrist for setting up cocaine deals.

What is it that you fine, upstanding and concerned parents are going to "have to explain" to your children? "Yes dear, sometimes Spaghetti straps with break and that could mean that your boobies may pop out if you dance around a table."

It was a joke that effectively jabs everyone and put the company on everyone's mind. Jeeze! Can we please put this sort of thing in context instead of letting the Politically Correct Steam-roller usher in a new age of censorship.

I actually heard Ann Coulter, a woman I would probably marry if only I had the chance, say "simulated pornography." WTF? Simulated Pornography is what goes on on daytime soaps, or Prime Time dramas where people actually simulate sexual acts. Prompting a strap to fail and doing a little twirl doesn't measure up to the standard of actors and actresses ripping each other's cloths off while slobbering all over each other... Everything might be "strategically covered in the shot, but there's no doubt what's intended.

But I digress. If you don't want to see it, turn the channel instead of trying to infringe on the rights of others who want to see that sort of thing. Stop bitchin' about it "being on" and hit the button on the remote that says "Channel."


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